Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today. Decision. And What Happen.

Today i went to the temple and help Eve. Then suddenly i saw her dont care what i did, then i dint do anything lo. So when i go back that time, she suddenly sms me that i scold her. I dint scold her at all. I was moody but i never scold her. I told her i wont scold her. But she still say i scold her. Then nvm lo. So suddenly she dont want talk to me. And she sms me shut up.

You know what i think? I dam dam sad in my life now. Being in my room, alone, feel like crying. I first time get this kinda feeling you know? Now i don't know what will i do next. I feel so lost you know? Now if she dont want to see me anymore, then i cant just stop my college and run back to johor. I rather go cry at my father grave yard and say sorry. I so down now. I can't smile but i can cry. I love her so much you all know that. I no lie, i do everything ad to love her. Now she call me to just keep away from her. I so sad a!!!!!!!! If i keep on continue writing this blog i will cry more. I so sad a. I wish i have my brother with me now. What should i do now? T_T

Friday, October 9, 2009

I very sad le. I lost alot people in my life ad.

Haix, i dont know how to get over this pic.
I lost alot of ppl ad. How. I dont know.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last sunday and monday we celebrate SAM's Birthday

Happy birthday to you SAM.
I wish you happiness and success in life.
It was the best night ever when celebrating SAM birthday because we can get together with our friend's. We went to Nga Nga San, then we went to Cyber Cafe.
Monday, at night celebrate it at Pandan Indah, Restoran Dolphin.

Make a change of ourself, and we can make a different's.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Blessing I get from GOD. Thank's GOD. Muackx.

It's been awhile that i haven't been updating my blog. Alot of thing's has change and my life has been totaly lost. These few month's and week's, has been my good and bad day's. Why i say so? Because that, my mother has bring me to a new church at PJ, called the " Abridged Church " [ If i'm not mistaken. ] But even thou i when that gathering and church, it doesn't has the love that i have before in CYC. Some times it makes me think back about the good time and bad times with my old friend's. Maybe i had put a wrong blaming people about thing's. I had start mixing back with my old and long friend's. My mum wanted me to stay at the church she bring me but i still can't feel the love yet. Anyways, time past by very fast. Birthday is coming. Today when i was driving, i thought of my birthday. Last time i got alot people love and pray for me when my birthday. Now i left few friend's but still i appriciate the things that i have now. I can really see GOD love me very much. Today i can feel GOD give me a sign, that where ever i go, he will always be there to support me and lift me up high to go for my dreams. What i am going to do for GOD is, the things i had promise, is to live in a christian life and not letting my life get destroy. As time past by, my thinking also has changed. On my head always, studies. studies and studies. Other then that, computer, computer and computer. Moreover, i am concentrating on my goal's and dreams to be a successful owner of my mum's company. I wish from GOD a last wish is to celebrate my coming birthday soon with all the person i loved and lost, so we all could be happy.

Make a change of ourself, and we can make a different's.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

LISTEN [ to : someone ]

Dont know why that night alex chew sms me you scold him, so i called you and ask you what's up, and you reply " nothing la "
And i said " why scold alex " and you reply " i love a and nothing about your consent "

I got one word for you, i saw your blog and you love to hang out with other guy's friend right? good, then dont need to come find this friend also....
because simply hate me for no reason....

lucky, i was not stupid, i talk with my ex on the phone and i heard she when clubbing and i was talking talking...and i feel the person can only understand me is only GOD, and HER!
she last time with me 8 months and she understand what i mean, but i also know what i do....

LIM POH YENG, you very geng a, i am the one who as a friend teach you snooker, now go play with other friends and simply hate this friend.....very nice...
you can continue....
no point for me to write this blog already....
you told alex chew wanna go to brandon side and hate me? i tell you one thing...
brandon dint hate me....
if he do, then i no point also keep on give you hate....
you no thank me but also hate me for no reason....funny like shit....
i dont know what to say already....